Freshly Bottled Drinking Water Delivery

Our system allows us to deliver freshly bottled drinking water directly to you. Your business will love the convenience, service, and value of purified bottled water and delivery service.

Our state-of-the-art filtration and bottling plant is USDA-inspected and exceeds standards set by the Northwest Bottled Water Association (NWBWA). South Fork’s purified bottled water is reduced down to its simplest form, two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, free of all contaminants, chemicals, and bacteria. It undergoes three steps of filtration, reverse osmosis, and deionization for purification, then two final steps for sanitization. This assures you a get pure delicious and safe glass of water with every bottle.

Please note: Residential delivery is available in Lane County, only and requires a card on file for AutoPay.

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Located in Oregon? Sign up to have water delivered straight to your business. Choose between 3 or 5 gallon bottles, and how many bottles you would like delivered at once.

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We’ll deliver your water to you on a schedule that fits your needs. We can provide you with water coolers and a point-of-use filtration system, and we’ll install and maintain all equipment.

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No more shopping for water bottles or inventory hassles! We’ll bring water to you regularly so you never run out. Change your choices, add other supplies, or modify your schedule any time.

Highlights of South Fork’s Bottled Water Service:

  • South Fork is a member of the Northwest Bottled Water Association and proudly exceeds USDA and NWBWA standards
  • Water cooler installation, regular maintenance, filter exchanges, and repairs, free of charge
  • Quantity discounts available
  • Water coolers are sanitized and maintained in excellent presentable condition
  • No bottle deposits
  • $2.95 Delivery Fee
  • Easy and straightforward billing
  • Professional and courteous drivers schedule regular deliveries and keep accurate inventory to prevent you from running out of water
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Bottle Sizes:

South Fork offers traditional 5-gallon bottles, as well as smaller 3-gallon bottles which are lighter weight and easier to handle. All bottles come with handles and are sealed with spill-proof caps, eliminating the chance of water spills when switching out bottles.

  • One 5-gallon bottle is equal to 38 single serve bottles.
  • Returnable 3 and 5 gallon bottles have a life cycle of approximately 50 deliveries before they are replaced.
  • Bottles are cleaned and sanitized after each use, then refilled with delicious purified water.


South Fork’s bottled water delivery service is affordable and price discounts are available on volume orders. Please contact us today for more information about pricing.

Bottled and Bottleless Water Coolers:

South Fork carries MTN Products Inspirations® line of high-quality and affordable water coolers that come in a variety of styles. We provide both bottled and bottleless water coolers. Our bottled water coolers are perfect if you plan on ordering 3 or 5 gallon water bottles from us. Our bottleless water coolers plumb directly into your existing water line, resulting in an unlimited supply of water.

The low monthly rental fee includes cooler installation, sanitization, maintenance, and three filter change-outs per year. Our business software automatically prompts your service representative when filters are due to be replaced.

Features of Water Coolers:

  • Hot and Cold: Temperature spigots dispensing hot water at 190 degrees and chilled water.
  • Cold and Room Temperature: Enjoy both ice cold and room temperature natural spring water at the push of a button!
  • Room Temperature: Room temperature water is great for cooking or locations that don’t require hot or cold water.
  • Attractive and contemporary design
  • Choice of black and white colors
  • Stainless steel reservoirs
  • No-spill, water-safe design
  • Removable drip trays for easy cleaning
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about our water filtration process.

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