Keep Your Office Healthy and Germ-Free

This year, avoid getting the bug at the office by making sure your business is well-stocked with the necessary items that will help keep yourself and employees healthy. Reduce your risk of getting sick by keeping these products on-hand at all times:


Emergen-C is a must for any office, especially during the colder weather months. Mix with one cup of water every morning during flu season to fight off colds and keep your immune system healthy.

disinfectant wipes

Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes are handy for use on phones, keyboards, desktops and more. Their powerful cleaning technology kills cold and flu viruses and ensures a germ-free surface.

cough drops

Our cough drop varieties work to battle uncomfortable coughs, soothe soar throats, clear nasal passages and provide relief for an achy throat. Flavors include Honey Lemon and Cherry.

pain relievers

Stuffy nose? We have a great sinus reliever. Aches and pains? We’ll deliver Ibuprofen right to your office. We have several pain reliever options that will have you feeling better, faster.

Want to prevent the cold at work this season? If you are located within our delivery area, stock up on these supplies now by clicking here or giving us a call at 1-800-327-3820.