Fall seems to have arrived early this year in the Willamette Valley.

To us, hot tea is the perfect companion. Pair it with frothed hot milk for the perfect fall, rainy day treat.

London Fog is typically created with the floral Earl Grey tea, but you can use any one of your favorite black teas and frothed milk. The foamy creaminess of the froth, coupled with Earl Grey tea and sweetened with vanilla, is heavenly.

Start with your favorite tea, steeped, then vanilla extract or syrup.

The beauty of the London Fog, however, is the frothed milk.

Getting that perfect frothed milk is easier than one might think. Using non-fat, 2% or the popular array of nut-based milks, works the best. Whole milk and creams don’t hold the foam as well.

Having a gadget of some sort is easiest – hand blenders or frothers are great.

But if you are stuck at work and your only source of cookery is a microwave – you are in luck. You just need milk, a clean mason jar and a microwave.

  • Put in your milk of choice in the clean mason jar, no more than half full so there’s room for the milk foam.
  • Shake the jar, with the lid on, vigorously until it roughly doubles in size.
  • Microwave for 30 seconds. Remove the lid and microwave an additional 30 seconds. The heat stabilizes the foam.
  • You can hold the foam back with a spoon while you pour the milk in and then spoon the foam on top.

This easy London Fog recipe may help you enjoy the Oregon Fog just a little more. Happy Fall!